Catering FAQ

Question: What else is included with a Catering order?

Answer: Included are all serving utensils, bowls, and flatware! A chafing fuel kit includes wire racks, full sized pans, and chafing fuel to keep your hot foods hot!

Question: How can I place an order?

Answer: You can click Here to place an order online! Just be sure to select your nearest location! You can also phone a store!

Question: How far in advance can I place an order?

Answer: We try to accommodate the best that we can, but we ask for a 24-hour advanced notice. Contact your local store or for if you’re in a hurry, but we cannot guarantee every order.

Question: Can we order extra rice or protein a la carte?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot offer such adjustments or substitutions. We do our best to extend our restaurant experience to your setting, which includes portions.

Question: Do you include fuel to keep the food hot?

Answer: Chafing Fuel Kits can be purchased for $20 per set and it includes a setup guide! Please be sure to follow product safety tips. *Fire not included

Question: Can I cancel or modify an order after it’s confirmed?

Answer: Orders that are revised with less than a 12-hour notice can be marked to pay 40% of original total. If there is a change in plans, please let us know as soon as you can!