Celebrate National Gluten-Free Day with 3x Points! 

Savor the Gluten-Free Goodness This Monday! 

Please mark your calendars for Monday, January 8th, 2024, because that’s when we’re celebrating National Gluten-Free Day at BIBIBOP Asian Grill! This particular day is just around the corner, and at BIBIBOP Asian Grill, we are ready to create an unforgettable celebration for everyone, especially our gluten-sensitive friends. Our menu is already a haven for gluten-free options, but on this special day, we’re taking it a step further with something extra special. 

Triple the Joy for Rewards Members! 

In honor of National Gluten-Free Day, BIBIBOP Asian Grill is excited to announce a fantastic deal exclusively for our reward members. Get ready to earn triple points on your orders! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the BIBIBOP family and joining us in our commitment to well-being with a bowl that is both healthy and delicious. *Please note that this offer will be valid for rewards accounts that have been created before 10:00 am EST.

Why We’re Excited About National Gluten-Free Day 

National Gluten-Free Day is a celebration for everyone, not just those with gluten sensitivities. At BIBIBOP Asian Grill, we’re all about embracing diverse dietary needs and preferences with a menu that’s as inclusive as it is delicious. This day is a perfect occasion to showcase our commitment to providing tasty, health-conscious, and gluten-free options for all our guests. 

Flavorful, Gluten-Free Choices Await! 

Our menu is a vibrant mix of gluten-free delights. From sizzling grilled proteins to fresh, crisp veggies and tantalizing sauces, each dish is crafted to ensure that eating gluten-free is a joy, not a compromise. Whether you’re a dedicated gluten-free diner or simply curious to try something new, we have an array of toppings and sauces that will tantalize your taste buds. 

Join Us In-Store, Online, or Via Our App! 

Remember, the date is Monday, January 8th, 2024. Are you waiting to be a BIBIBOP rewards member? There’s still time to sign up and take advantage of this fantastic triple points offer. So, whether you’re planning to visit us in-store, order a meal online, or tap through the BIBIBOP app, we’re ready to make your National Gluten-Free Day deliciously rewarding! 

Need a little extra help applying the offer? We’ve got you covered. 

IN-STORE: Order your favorite menu items down the line. Before you reach the register, open the Rewards app, tap on ‘SCAN’, and scan the QR code. 

ONLINE: Open the Rewards app, tap on ‘ORDER’, tap on ‘START NEW ORDER’, find your desired location, then select your preferred hand-off and order want time. Add your favorite menu items to your cart and then checkout. 

Download the app here (iOS and Android

This National Gluten-Free Day, dive into the delectable world of gluten-free dining at BIBIBOP Asian Grill and earn triple points however you order. Please note: triple points are only available on orders placed from a rewards member account created before 10:00 am EST on 1/8 & fulfilled on 01/08/2024 only. Guests who schedule orders after the 8th will not get 3x the points. BIBIBOP Rewards must be applied at checkout to receive the offer. Extra points may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your account after making a qualifying purchase of at least $1.